My farm is not in District 25 and I do not live in Wahpeton. However, I did spend a fair amount of time in Bismarck during the last legislative session and I feel compelled to share some of what I observed there; even though I am from the opposite end of the Red River Valley.

Rep. Alisa Mitskog is smart, caring and works extremely hard for her constituents and for all the people of North Dakota. Wahpeton is lucky to have her. District 25 was wise to elect her.

I am just a farmer, but I went to the capitol with an idea on how we could make it just a little bit easier for pregnant women near the poverty line to get medical coverage. When I first go there, everyone was very busy and only a few took the time to talk with me.

However, I then got lucky and was allowed to pitch my idea to a small group that included Rep. Mitskog. She stepped up and championed the bill. It then passed both the House and the Senate by wide margins. Beginning next year and for every year that follows, approximately 400 pregnant women near poverty will get medical coverage in North Dakota and for very little state money. All because Alisa is a great champion of good causes.

In North Dakota, it feels like we are all neighbors. Even though I’m in a corner of the state far north of your corner of the state, I thought you should know what I witnessed with my own eyes because that is what neighbors do: Alisa Mitskog is a wonderful person and a great legislator.


Ben Tucker,

St. Thomas, North Dakota

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