Governor Doug Burgum has declared June 16-June 22, 2019 as North Dakota Share the Road Safety Week. This declaration is meant to be a reminder that all North Dakota’s roadway users should use roadways with bicyclists and pedestrians in mind. The North Dakota Active Transportation Alliance supports the sharing of all roadways when legal and appropriate.

Between 2012 and 2016, there were eight fatalities involving bicyclists and 35 involving pedestrians. We must work together as motorists and non-motorists to bring North Dakota’s fatality numbers to zero for bicyclists and pedestrians. Zero is the only acceptable number.

The North Dakota Active Transportation Alliance is a statewide non-profit made up of North Dakotans who believe that every trip by bicycle or foot should start safely and end safely. There are no excuses for fatalities.

Fatalities occur because someone is not doing what they need to do to be as safe as possible under the existing weather and roadway conditions. Crashes are not accidents. Crashes are preventable, accidents are not. Weather does not cause crashes. Human error under existing weather and road conditions causes crashes, period.

Please follow these simple guidelines for safe sharing of North Dakota’s roadways: Don’t drive drunk, don’t drive or walk distracted, leave for work or school early to reduce speeding and aggressive driving. Follow the rules of the road. Remember, everyone wants to get home safely.

Together we can share North Dakota’s roadways with each other and make them safer on a daily basis.

Justin Kristan

West Fargo, North Dakota

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