To the Citizens of North Dakota,

For almost two years now I have served as your director of the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT). For family reasons, I have chosen to retire from public service and Friday, April 26, was my last day as the director.

I have really enjoyed my time leading the NDDOT and it has been an experience that I will never forget. I have developed many great personal and professional relationships through this experience. What will always stand out in my mind is the passion and commitment that NDDOT employees have for their jobs.

It is a very special workforce that serves the public on a daily basis, no matter what the job. From the people providing services related to driver’s license/motor vehicles to the people risking their lives clearing snow for the travelling public, all NDDOT employees are true servant leaders. In addition, NDDOT employees are consistently looking for innovation in their jobs so they better serve the public. In doing so, they are positioning NDDOT as a leader in our state.

It has truly been an honor for me to be part of great agency with great people. I have always felt welcome in North Dakota and there is no question that it is a very special place. Thank you for allowing me to serve you, the citizens of this wonderful state!

Tom Sorel

Former North Dakota Department of Transportation Director

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