Our names are Mason Rademacher, Breanda Bursheim, Addison Helgaas, Heather Heyerman, Madison Nelson-Gira, and Baylee Pauling and we were all actively involved throughout our time at NDSCS and are proud to have attended NDSCS.

As previous college student leaders, we were involved in the many different aspects of student life throughout our time at NDSCS. We continuously witnessed President Richman’s dedication to the students and the college as a whole. Both incoming and outgoing students can all agree that President Richman is an extremely student-focused leader who always puts the students first.

A true testament to President Richman’s dedication to students are the vast number of those who know who he is. As he walks around campus and goes to events, he continuously greets and converses with students he sees both on and off campus. Dr. Richman constantly puts others before himself and will always make the decision he feels is best for those around him, even if it’s a difficult one.

To see the news reports and the negative comments made about Dr. Richman is disturbing. We have all personally worked with him and know that he exemplifies what it means to be a leader. Our institution would be hard-pressed to find another person who could embody the values of NDSCS that we have seen in Dr. Richman. As NDSCS leaders, we have first-hand knowledge of the passion, devotion, and years of dedication that Dr. Richman has devoted during his tenure as the President of NDSCS. He has set the tone for NDSCS as a respectable institution, not only with his genuine personality, selfless leadership, and exemplary integrity but also in his unwavering efforts to create a shared vision to ensure all NDSCS students receive the best education and are prepared to make an impact in the workforce immediately.

There is no better person we could ever imagine that could lead NDSCS and serve the students than President John Richman.

Mason Rademacher, Former Student Senate President

Breanda Bursheim, Former Campus Activates Board President

Addison Helgaas, Former Student Senate President

Heather Heyerman, Former Student Senate Vice President

Madison Nelson-Gira, Former Student Senate Vice President

Baylee Pauling , Former Campus Activities Board Vice President

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