Resident thankful for help at fair

The Wilkin County Fair has been a huge part of my family for many years. Even though I did not grow up in this area, my husband and his family did. Being able to be a part of this community has been an honor.

This was our second year of being a part of the Wilkin County Fair for 4H and it’s been such a rewarding experience! We’ve watched so many kids devote so much time into their projects and their hard work has been rewarded. Like many 4Hers and their parents, the canteen is all part of the experience and we all take our turn in working our shifts.

This year, I volunteered for an extra shift to help a new and upcoming 4H club with their shift, seeing as most of them had never been in there before. We had a great crew! Lots of laughs and great memories were made. We had a small team and one extra volunteer, Dave Hughes! If you are not aware, Dave Hughes is running for Congress (in Minnesota’s 7th District). Dave took the time out of his weekend to come to the Wilkin County Fair to support our youth in their 4H projects by being a static judge as well as helping out in the canteen, and much more! I can’t speak for everyone else, but I was impressed with how he stepped up and helped out when we desperately needed it! I honestly don’t know what we would’ve done without him.

So I just want to publicly thank Dave Hughes for coming out and supporting our youth at the Wilkin County Fair and helping out wherever we needed it. His support was so greatly appreciated! Thank you, Dave!

Sara Froslie Rothsay, Minnesota

Sara Froslie 

Rothsay, Minnesota

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