At this point in the election cycle I believe the majority of us have grown weary of the barrage of political ads from our radio, TV and mailbox.  However, I recently received a political flyer in the mail that I was unable to just glance over, roll my eyes and toss in the trash.

The flyer attacked the personal integrity of District 25 Senator Larry Luick.  As an Oxbow resident, I appreciate the hours Sen. Luick has spent in the legislature and in countless meetings working to find a solution to Fargo’s water problem that also protects the best interests of District 25.  

Sen. Luick has stood strong for District 25 under tremendous pressure.  As a resident of North Dakota, I appreciate Sen. Luick’s dedication and leadership in the Senate and the respect he has earned from his fellow legislators, which is evident by his appointment as Chairman of the Senate Ag committee.

The political atmosphere in our country is saturated with accusations, half-truths and complete falsehoods.  Many of us are expressing our desire for respectful, honest, hardworking, trustworthy politicians of integrity that do their best to represent the people that elected them.  Sen. Luick is that politician.

District 25 residents should be proud of Sen. Luick’s integrity, dedication, accomplishments and leadership.  Political flyers like the one I received are meant to influence us and motivate us to vote.  I urge the residents of District 25 to be motivated by that flyer to vote against unwarranted and untruthful personal attacks and vote for Sen. Luick to continue representing the best interests of District 25 in Bismarck.


Ms. Billie Stout

Oxbow, ND


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