I recently had the opportunity to listen to Minnesota House candidate Murray Smart discuss his views on non-partisan politics, international trade, immigration and healthcare.  After years of working in education, counseling and state and national school counseling organizations Murray has the disciplined demeanor of a professional mediator.   

He has passion, to be sure, especially for the rights of marginalized citizens, whether due to age, race, gender, religion or economic status, but he also shows great restraint for escalating debate while choosing to listen, study, act and present rational solutions for consideration. 

Murray is a hard worker, one who doesn’t shy away from, or consider any problem too small or too inconsequential if it affects a constituent.  He just as enthusiastically will welcome the harder and more difficult projects as a challenge to his very core.  

I believe Murray has heart in all the right places – thoroughly understanding, from his years traveling the area, the concerns of rural Minnesotans.  

Murray proposes shying away from candidates on either extreme of the political spectrum and electing candidates who pledge to work together, cross the aisle, and build bridges for Minnesota. 

I believe that Murray Smart is just that kind of candidate and I would urge a Smart vote in November.

Maggie Vertin

Breckenridge, MN

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