The importance of educating ourselves about depression

Depression is a disorder that affects millions of people. Some even commit suicide because of it. Depression can last days to years, although many people struggle with depression or end up having it later on. Depression doesn’t happen to everyone and it doesn’t affect everyone the same. Depression is an under recognized disorder that is nevertheless a serious medical condition for some people.

People suffer from depression because they are in denial. Elders are extremely in denial by having bad days or not wanting to take their medication. Elders may turn to alcohol to cope with the symptoms of depression which can lead to death.

Modern medicine diagnoses young people with mental illness sooner. Seniors have not had this luxury. They may view being diagnosed and getting help as weak. College students are a major category in having depression. We struggle with having new living arrangements and bigger crowds, which cause stress and anxiety. We then don’t perform to our best abilities in our academics. Not doing well in academics can lead to poor outcomes in the future. We can struggle with finishing our degrees and getting jobs.

You can get help with depression by first realizing and accepting your mental illness. Talk with people who you feel safe with. Eating right, getting enough sleep and doing activities other than school work can also help. A psychiatrist can diagnose and prescribe medication. Counselors and psychiatrists can help change patterns in your mood and behavior.

Seeing people affected by depression should make you want to get help. The earlier you get help, the easier and faster you are to overcoming depression. Depression is an under-recognized disorder, but it is nevertheless a serious medical condition among people. We can only benefit everyone around us to educate ourselves about depression.

Alissa Ball

Student, NDSCS, Wahpeton

Alissa Ball, student

NDSCS, Wahpeton

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