It’s Monday mid-afternoon, I’m tired. I just can’t seem to get in the spirit of Daylight Savings Time. How much does it really save? And if it saves time, where is it coming from? There are still 24 hours in each day. And who is getting the benefit of all this savings anyway? Certainly not me. It takes me nearly three weeks to adjust to the new schedule. And during that time I’m crabby and just generally “run down.”

If the government benefits from this time change, how come I’m not getting a tax break? If the private sector is benefitting, how come goods and services are still so expensive? Someone please step forward and name the beneficiary of this program.

Nature certainly does not benefit, for the sun neither sets an hour later nor rises an hour earlier. The flowers and trees then are not benefitting through an extra hour of photosynthesizing. And, if you come right down to it, the squirrels that romp the streets and roadways in the morning are now more prone to becoming roadkill, what with the change in rush hour traffic catching them off-guard.

Artists painting landscapes or seascapes, searching for the “right light” will be driven by the position of the sun in the sky, not by the position of the hands on the clock. Daydreamers will still dream to their own schedules. Daylight Savings Time does not stop the gaining process. Nor does it hasten labor for expectant mothers. The time between birth and death is not affected.

Could this be another attempt by the Prince of Darkness to further confuse and upset the inhabitants of this earth? Another means to torment and agonize?

Or am I just frustrated because I got mixed up Sunday night? Was it spring ahead and fall back? Or fall ahead and spring back? Or spring up and fall over? And I decided I was supposed to set the clock ahead an hour. So now I’m two hours out of sync with the rest of the world — and it’s hell trying to get realigned.

I think I’m going to have four or five cups of coffee and then see if I can get some shuteye. This Daylight Savings Time thing really has me confused.

Neil Hipp

Breckenridge, Minnesota

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