In the last 10 years there have been various plans to reduce the flooding in the  the Fargo-Moorhead area.  The first plan was a simple plan to route the water around the cities,  which would reduce the flood risk of the urban area of the F-M area.  But  it quickly evolved into a development plan.

The Army Corps said great. But you must pay the extra cost. The Diversion Authority (DA) agreed to pay the additional money for the North Dakota-side plan, Local Preferred Plan (LPP).  So we had a new plan. 

The voters approved the plan.  But it  was  changed  without the voters knowing the change. The Army Corps  had failed to factor in the downstream impacts. So the plan was changed  to flood high ground to allow the  low ground to be developed with  upstream impacts. 

The new higher costs needed to be paid for by someone. But the feds cut the Army Corps funding in half,  and the taxpayers were put on the hook again with the rigged vote for the Assessment for the Diversion. 

Since the Army Corps had falsely said no permits were needed from Minnesota, the DA moved ahead with construction using Fargo tax dollars. Federal court rulings were necessary  to stop the construction without a permit from Minnesota.

Plan A,  submitted by the DA and the Army Corps was rejected by  Minnesota, and now  there is second permit application, Plan B, under consideration by  Minnesota.   

The DA has relied on the Army Corps for guidance that has been proven to be incorrect. 

Who is being played for a fool?  The answer is — who is not being played for a fool?


Trana Rogne 

Kindred, North Dakota


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