9/11: Remembering Welles Crowther, the man in the red bandana

Wells Crowther is holding a lacrosse ball at one of his games while playing for Boston College. 

Nineteen years ago on Sept. 11, 2001, one of the biggest American tragedies happened when 2996 people died from two planes crashing into both buildings of the World Trade Center. First responders were the biggest heroes that day. 

One of those heroes was Welles Crowther. He did not survive the tower crash at age 24 as he saved 18 different lives during this tragic event.

Crowther was a Boston College lacrosse player who worked as an American equities trader who also volunteered as a firefighter. He wore the red bandana as a mask to keep all of the heavy smoke from the burning building out from his lungs. Crowthers carried a woman out of a building led others to a stairway leading to an exit. He was all the way up on the 78th floor when retrieving these people to safety. He made three trips to the sky lobby of the World Trade Center before the building collapsed. 

Crowther interpreted the American values that we all gain from playing team sports. Being selfless and putting others before yourself was what he did. He had one of the biggest impacts on not only his survivors, but everyone in the sports community who knew Crowther. He story lives on today as one of the greatest heros we can ever have in recent American history.

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