Social Distancing

Having to stay home as much as possible: I was made for this.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always enjoyed spending time relaxing. I thought of myself as Ferris Bueller if he never left the house, which doesn’t really make sense since he took the day off to go out and do fun stuff around his city. But still, I enjoyed not having to go to school when I was “sick.”

Now with the coronavirus spreading throughout the country, it’s my job to stay at home as much as possible. For the most part, not a lot has changed with how I spend time as a couch potato. My advice would be to treat it like a day off from school if you can get into that mindset.

Video games are still a go-to activity for me because I’m a 27-year-old manchild. I recently restarted “The Last of Us” and I will avoid the details of that game because in a slight way it’s familiar to what we’re dealing with now. Either way, the sequel comes out in a couple of months and I’d like to have the first one fresh in my memory.

Binge watching TV shows are another perfect way to kill time. I remember one snow day when I was a kid, one of brothers and I spent the day watching “Baywatch” reruns (for the amazing writing and compelling characters of course). The first time I ever watched “Prison Break” was also during another one of my snow days and a network happened to have basically the whole first season playing consecutively. What a roller coaster of a season that was.

Now that I have a plethora of streaming services to choose from, I don’t have to rely on what’s available through our cable provider like when I would stay home in my youth. I just got done marathoning “Daredevil” on Netflix for the third or fourth time and already want to give it another go. If you like superhero movies/shows or are Catholic (yes, Catholicism is a big part of the show), it’s right up your alley.

Maybe I’ll try something new during this time at home. I’ve been putting off watching “The Sopranos” on my HBO Now for years, but there seems to be a mysterious user on my account who already started it and I don’t want to mess up what episode he/she is on. I definitely didn’t share it with friends because that may or may not be illegal.

I’d recommend starting a book to all of you fine readers, but I doubt I’ll read at all before everything goes back to normal. I was reading the series that “Game of Thrones” was based off of, but the disappointment I felt from the final season pretty much killed all the momentum I had when I was on the fifth book. “City of Thieves” is a favorite of mine if you want a quick read to order on a Kindle or a hard copy online. It’s a semi-fictionalized story that takes place during WWII and you can never go wrong with a story from that period.

The big difference between today and when I would play hooky from school is I now have a fiancee keeping me company. She’s currently hammering out our wedding invites and I get the impression she doesn’t want my help. At all. If you happen to get one of these invites from us, make sure to thank Hannah for her hard work. I don’t even care if you don’t make it to the wedding, just appreciate the beautiful invite.

My ability to assist in planning for a wedding in general is limited to narrowing down what songs our DJ will play. We’re hoping this will all be resolved before our big day at the end of June. If not, there’s courthouses for that.

I’m told that some people actually use this time to do productive activities. I applaud anyone who has put their basket of clean laundry away or has cleaned their kitchen. I hardly even cook for myself most of these days I’ve been home and I can’t even take credit for vacuuming since it does that on its own.

If you can swing it, working at home is a perfect way to utilize your time. I’m writing this column on my couch right now and am thankful I don’t have to risk exposure at the office more hours of the day than I need to.

Even if you don’t follow my extremely lazy approach to staying home, please try to avoid other people for a while. Hopefully a few years from now we can look back on this crazy time and miss this extra time in the household with our loved ones. Stay safe out there, everybody.

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