North Dakota State College of Science announced they’ll be adding a baseball team in the 2020-2021 season. The college had been trying to add the sport for multiple years and the decision was finally solidified on Wednesday, Aug. 21.

“I think we have discussed baseball for some time now,” NDSCS Athletic Director Stu Engen said. “The timing was finally right and the administration made the funding available to make it go. We’re running full-speed here right now I guess.”

The team will compete in the Mon-Dak Conference in the regular season and their playoff schedule will consist of Minnesota teams from the Minnesota College Athletic Conference. They’ll be in Division III, which is non-scholarship. The search for a head coach to lead the team is already underway.

“It’s going to be a part-time position, but I think a fairly well-paid part-time proposition,” Engen said. “We’re going to pick someone to be able to do some recruitment this coming year, ’19-20, and then field a team to play scrimmage games in the fall of ’20 and an intercollegiate schedule in the Mon-Dak Conference in the spring of ’21.”

The Wildcats’ opponents have already been determined and so is their home field. North Dakota State College of Science will share John Randall Field with Wahpeton High School. The two schools already have a relationship sharing Frank Vertin Field for football games.

“(Wahpeton Parks and Recreation) has been very generous to offer us John Randall Field as a game field along with the high school. I’ve been told that we’re able to practice some there, but the priority is going to be given to the high school,” Engen said. “Obviously we’d like to get on John Randall as much as we can, but we’re not trying to push anybody else off.”

If all goes well, the Cats hope to have a field of their own near the Blikre Activity Center down the road.

“At some point in time if we ever got some help it would be nice to put up our own field, but meanwhile there’s a great location at John Randall within the community. We’re excited that they’re going to let us use it some,” Engen said.

This isn’t the first baseball team at NDSCS. Engen said the last team to suit up for the college was in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

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