BW Swimmers

Sydni Roberts, Jocelyn Riebe, Popi Miranowski and Lily Miranowski competed for the BW Bolts in Grand Forks this past weekend.

The Breckenridge-Wahpeton Bolt swimmers are ready for state. They swam hard at the last seasonal meet in Grand Forks this past weekend. We’ve seen improved technique, endurance and times.

Sydni Roberts placed first in four of her five events with personal-best times in 50 and 100 free.

Jocelyn Riebe has three personal-best times placing fifth in 200 breast, sixth in 50 back, ninth in 50 free and fly and13th in 50 back

Popi Miranowski also had three personal-best times, placing fourth in 100 fly, sixth in 100 back, eighth in 50 fly and 11th in 50 back.

Lily Miranowski picked up a personal best in 100 breast for second place, adding a sixth in 50 breast and 11th in 50 free.

Maddy Beyer swam personal-best times in 50 and 100 breast, ending fourth in the 100, eighth in 50 breast, ninth in 50 free and fly and 11th in 100 free.

The 13-14 relay of Roberts, Popi Miranowski, Riebe and Lily Miranowski improved their state-qualifying time to place second.

At the state meet in Bismarck next weekend this relay will compete in three events. Roberts will compete in the maximum of seven events, Riebe will have two and Linkin Hendrickson will compete in one.

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