Breckenridge wins Minnesota Section 6A Championship

The Breckenridge Cowboys pose with the Section 6A championship award after defeating Otter Tail Central 49-30 on Friday, Nov. 20.

On Friday, Nov. 20, Breckenridge defeated Otter Tail Central 49-30 to win the 2020 Minnesota Section 6A championship.

"So proud of our seniors and the way they finished things out," head coach Chad Fredericksen said. "Our whole team played just fantastic. We played a very good Otter Tail Central team and my hat’s off to them. What a way to go out.”

This year's championship was played at Cowboys Field, which is usually not the case. Usually, the Section Championship is played on a neutral field. This was such a rare occasion for the team to win on their home field and under these circumstances. 

"It's just the resilience of our guys, from the time they said that we weren't having a year to 'we're starting our year,' to having six games, to where we are not having playoffs to where the season was basically going to be done, we just hung in there," Fredericksen said. "Our guys had faith in one another and they came out and proved that they are just a fantastic team."

Breckenridge opened up with the start of a big scoring game for Jacob Vizenor with a 15-yard rushing touchdown to go up 6-0. That was how the first quarter ended while Otter Tail Central finished their first drive running the clock for 10 minutes. The Bulldogs scored inside the five-yard line to end that drive going up 7-6. Things changed quickly for the Cowboys as they had Jacob Vizenor get a 62-yard rushing touchdown to go up 13-7. Vizenor also caught a 54-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Cooper Yaggie to go up 19-18 at half. 

Otter Tail made this game hard for the Cowboys in the first half as they controlled the ball by running it up the middle each time and wore out the defensive line. 

The second half was where Cooper Yaggie took over for the Cowboys. After helping the defense get a big 4th down stop in the red zone, Yaggie drove the Cowboys offense down the field for a 22-yard rushing touchdown. Fredericksen decided to go for the two-point conversion and Cowboys were up 27-18 with just over five minutes in the third. Otter Tail didn't break away as the Cowboys went into the fourth quarter up 27-24. Vizenor opened up the fourth with a receiving touchdown and an unbelievable amount of jukes as he totaled five touchdowns on the night while Yaggie had four total touchdowns on his own. 

"It's unreal, the feeling that we've been waiting to feel all year and I don't know what to think," Vizenor said. "Everybody was in this together and it was awesome. 

Like Vizenor, Yaggie was also a big part of this senior class that ended their last game at Cowboy Field as champions. 

"It meant everything to us. Good class of seniors, we just wanted to come out with a win," Yaggie said. 

Breckenridge totaled 16 seniors on this year's roster and they all end their high school football careers as champions. With all of the circumstances, this team can put their name in the record books as one of the best high school football teams not only in school history, but throughout the state. Playing through a pandemic is not easy, winning a championship with the circumstances given to them is the most impressive accomplishment any team can do, especially in 2020. 

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