BW Gymnasts

The Breckenridge-Wahpeton gymnasts wrapped up their season at the state meet.

Three Breckenridge-Wahpeton gymnasts took part in the individual state competition on Saturday, Feb. 29 and five BW competitors represented the Twin Towns in the team portion of the competition the day before. Injuries kept multiple BW gymnasts out of the competition in Dickinson, North Dakota.

Quinn Bassingthwaite, Abbie Skovholt and Hailee Hanson took part in the individual competition with Anika Birkelo missing due to an injury.

“We had a rough day on beam, but overall the girls had a good day,” BW coach Patty Moses said. “They didn’t quite reach the goals they set for themselves, but overall it was an impressive day.”

Bassingthwaite, Skovholt and Hanson were joined by Braylyn St. Aubin and Sidney Gilbertson in the team competition. Along with Birkelo, Kiah Klein was also kept out of the competition due to an injury.

“Sidney and Braylyn did a great job competing in a high-pressure situation,” Moses said. “They competed JV most of the season and this was Braylyn’s first meet back from a sprained foot. I’m so proud of how they stepped up to help their team.”

Skovholt was the top scorer for BW despite struggling on beam. The team took eighth in the eight-team competition.

None of the BW team members are seniors and they’ll look to make it back to state for the third year in a row next season.

“Not the way we wanted to end the season as a team, but so proud of how these girls pushed themselves and never gave up,” Moses said. “We can’t wait to be back at state again next year and this group of gymnasts will definitely work hard enough to make it back. So excited for next year and the years to come.”

Team Competition

Sidney Gilbertson- vault 7.067 (47th), bars 3.333 (47th), beam 4.033 (47th), floor 7.033 (46th), all around 21.467 (33rd)

Braylyn St. Aubin- vault 7.233 (46th), bars 4.467 (46th), beam 4.783 (46th), floor 6.850 (47th), all around 23.333 (32nd)

Abbie Skovholt- vault 8.817 (11th), bars 7.917 (23rd), beam 7.833 (33rd), floor 8.617 (28th), all around 33.183 (19th)

Hailee Hanson- vault 8.667 (15th), bars 7.283 (32nd), beam 8.083 (27th), floor 8.550 (30th), all around 32.583 (21st)

Quinn Bassingthwaite- vault 8.683 (14th), bars 7.800 (25th), beam 8.000 (29th), floor 8.600 (29th), all around 33.083 (20th)

Individual Competition

Abbie Skovholt- vault 8.650 (22nd), bars 7.983 (20th), beam 6.967 (40th), floor 8.800 (27th), all around 32.400 (27th)

Hailee Hanson- vault 8.517 (30th), beam 6.950 (41st), floor 8.750 (29th)

Quinn Bassingthwaite- vault 8.783 (14th), bars 7.867 (24th), beam 8.267 (23rd), floor 8.883 (23rd), all around 33.800 (18th)

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