Christensen leaves NDSU basketball to focus on mental health

Noah Christensen announced Wednesday, Nov. 11 that he will leave the North Dakota state basketball program to focus on his mental health. 

On Wednesday, Nov. 11, former Breckenridge basketball standout Noah Christensen announced that he has left the North Dakota State men's basketball program to focus on his mental health. 

“The last two years, my senior and my freshman year at NDSU, was a struggle. No one knew until about a month ago,” Christensen said. “It wasn’t good for my mental health to play basketball right now," KBMW reported.

With Christensen's departure, there is no love lost between him and the team.

“I respect everything Coach Richman (does) and I love all the guys. It was tough to leave, but it was the right decision for me,” Christensen said (via KBMW).

Christensen will look to find his love for basketball again and hopefully play college basketball again someday. 

“I was trying to find the love of the game again, because I haven’t liked playing basketball or loved playing basketball since probably the end of my junior year,” Christensen said. “I’m just trying to find it and hopefully next year play somewhere and I’m taking this year off to just get my mind and my body right," KBMW reported.

Bison 1660 first broke the news about Christensen leaving the program when Bison head coach David Richman announced on Wednesday on "The Insiders" that he and Christensen sat down about six weeks ago and they would decide to mutually part ways.

"We decided that it was in Noah's best interest to move on from Bison basketball. Noah has been a terrific ambassador, nobody bleeds green and gold more then him." Richman said. "Each situation provides different situations and circumstances for everybody to be successful."

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