Gjerdevig signs Letter of Intent with Vikings

Wahpeton center Logan Gjerdevig (right) signs his National Letter of Intent to play football at Valley City State University. He is joined by Wahpeton Head Coach Wade Gilbertson (left).

Wahpeton football has made great progress since the beginning of the 2020 season. One way for that progress to get noticed is for them to get their first signing of the New Year. Wahpeton center Logan Gjerdevig is the first player from the team to sign to play college football this season. He signed with Valley City State on Thursday, Jan. 7. 

"It's awesome, I've been waiting a really long time." Gjerdevig said. "I've always wanted to become a Viking ever since we took that team camp trip my freshman year. It was just an awesome experience and I've always wanted to go there ever since."

Gjerdevig's high school experience elevated him to play at the next level. The coaching staff was a big reason why this happened. 

"They've just been really good coaches," Gjerdevig said. "Every single one on that staff has been great. The thing that impressed me most about Valley City was their coaching staff. They've been there forever, and if they've been there that long, they're doing something right, and they can just get everything out of their guys."

What Gjerdevig is looking forward to the most in college is winning a championship. Wahpeton Head Coach Wade Gilbertson is looking forward to seeing Gjerdevig at the next level.

"It's nice to see someone who worked so hard during their high school career get what they want," Gilbertson said. "He definitely deserves what's coming to him, and he's been one of our hardest workers over the past four years."

Gilbertson said he's been a team guy for the four years Gjerdevig has played in high school and the three years he's been a starter.

"He's somebody that's brought into our culture," Gjerdevig said. "We're hoping that this opens up more doors for other players to get a shot at the collegiate level as well."

Gilbertson loved his reliability throughout the four years that Gjerdevig showed, and it paid off for him. He went on and said how he was at practice everyday, even when he was a little banged up and he was going to give 100 percent effort. 

Gjerdevig will begin his freshman season at Valley City State University starting in the 2021-22 season.

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