Streaming sports in 2021 has become very common. From the coverage of three border sports to the broadcast streaming that KBMW radio does for games, streaming anything has given an opportunity for journalists to take advantage of this platform rather than attend events in person. 

Streaming anything, whether it's business meetings, school, or personal communication, has changed the way we operate. Zoom has taken away snow days in some states, along with meetings that many have had to travel to attend.

Streaming sports competitions can be looked at the same. Journalists all across the country are relying on streaming for coverage of high school games and it's really nice how we've been able to rely on that. Attendance restrictions were in full effect at the beginning of the sports season due to the pandemic, which put streaming games on the rise. 

With the next sports season coming up, we may see this for all home and away games next season. Streaming games in general has helped us adapt to more reliable technology, which could be both a good thing and bad thing.

Streaming could thrive with sporting events at lower levels as well, especially if there is a paywall. If this continues, we could see more streams and less fans at games in the near future.

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