The Minnesota State High School League is required to mandate masks for athletes during the 2021 winter sports season per Gov. Walz, except wrestlers and swimmers. Wearing a mask working out is something that can be a difficult task.

Fall athletes in Minnesota were not required to wear masks this past season, why should winter athletes be required? There was a high school basketball game that took place on Thursday, Jan. 14 between West Fargo and Moorhead. West Fargo players did not wear masks and hasn’t throughout the whole season, while Moorhead players did.

Should it be a requirement for masks to be worn by both teams if schools in different states with different mandates play each other, or should they not be required at all? Players are supposed to breathe, and we are restricting the airflow for athletes during games.

Many schools in North Dakota, like Wahpeton, are wearing masks during practices, but not for games. For basketball, players are required to wear masks during practices and games, while wrestlers are not required to wear masks. How does wrestling, which has much more physical contact for their sport than the rest of the winter sports, have less exposure to COVID-19 than it would for a wrestling practice and wrestling match?

If the coronavirus is that dangerous and we are putting masks on children during physical activity, then why are we playing sports in the first place?

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