Every year people stuff their faces on Thanksgiving and most participants likely take the next day or the rest of the weekend to cool off after big meal and family gathering. For the second year in a row, my weekend of family activities and eating like there’s no tomorrow was only starting on Thanksgiving.

Last year my brothers, myself and our significant others did our first ever “Siblings Weekend.” We went to a bunch of bars and restaurants and capped it off with a Sunday night football game between the Vikings and Packers.

This year, we chose to do a Minnesota Wild game. It was the first time attending a Wild game for all three of the men and one of the women. I got lucky with the game we picked for more than one reason. The first reason was the game itself, with the Wild beating down the Ottawa Senators 7-2. No. 2, I ran into one of my college buddies who was sitting a few rows behind us.

It must be shocking to read that it was the first Wild game for so many of us, but we come from a basketball family. People who follow Breckenridge sports probably knew that (because of my brothers, not me). It was the essential Minnesota weekend with hockey, Surly Brewing Co. at nearly every bar and restaurant, but the most Minnesota activity we partook in was another first for us: ax throwing.

We would’ve made Paul Bunyan proud. We three bearded men (if you could call my younger brother’s facial hair a beard) were hacking away at the board in a series of boys versus girls battles. Our team won a little handily the first round and we realized our board had a little bit more give, allowing the axes to stick with more ease. We swapped spots to even it up and the axes could’ve also been used to cut the tension in the building.

We played a series of games with some of them being similar to dart games. There was a little extra pressure on me because I used to be an avid knife thrower in high school. Apparently my companions thought that skill would’ve transferred over. Luckily, it did.

We paired up with our significant others and my fiance´ and I were pretty even for most of the seven games we played. I was better. I hope she doesn’t read this.

My older brother, Jordan, and his wife, Alicia, were strangely similar in every round they squared up against each other. I got the impression Alicia was holding back to keep their marriage on steady ground.

My younger brother and his girlfriend, Tayler, were a little hit or miss (literally). George started out hot, but the beginner’s luck wore off pretty quick. Tayler took a bit of time to find her groove and her intensity dwarfed anyone who had ever taken to ax throwing at FlannelJax’s in St. Paul. I felt bad for the wood when she caught fire.

Between turns we’d gather around my cell phone to watch the Minnesota-Wisconsin football game which was going on over in the other Twin City. I will admit, part of me wanted to try to convince everybody else to try to get last-minute tickets. We dodged a bullet on that one.

Back to the ax throwing: The team of gentlemen threw chivalry out the window and showed no mercy in our game-seven tiebreaker to end the session. None of us were given the cold shoulder to my knowledge, but we might’ve dug ourselves a hole for our next battle.

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