Mitch Porter

Breckenridge grad Mitch Porter spent the past two years on Minnesota State Community and Technical College’s roster.

After multiple years of being Breckenridge’s top pitcher and one of their best hitters, Mitch Porter signed with Minnesota State Community and Technical College. The former Cowboy pitched and played outfielder in his freshman season before having his sophomore year cut short due to the spreading of the coronavirus.

“That was a big blow. We were projected to be really good this year and we never got to show anybody how good we were going to be. We all knew in our minds that we were going to be really good,” Porter said. “It kind of makes you feel bad for all the sophomores because we had a lot of potential and everything and the freshmen still don’t get to know what a college baseball season feels like now, but they’ll get to know what it feels like next year.”

One bright spot for Porter during this difficult time is knowing where he’ll be playing next year. The Spartan will trade in his uniform for a Concordia College Cobber one next season. Concordia Head Coach Chris Coste has had Porter on his radar since he was in high school.

“He tried reaching out to me before I committed to Fergus. After I told him that I committed to Fergus he told me he’d keep an eye on me,” Porter said. “After my sophomore season started, we kept in touch a little bit more and kind of touched base and everything. I called Chris Coste and officially told him verbally that I committed and he seemed pretty thrilled about it.”

His connection with the campus started in his first year of college when he would make trips to Moorhead to see his high school classmates.

“I’ve been there plenty of times over the last couple years at Fergus. I went there on weekends to see friends and I grew really familiar with the community and just kind of the area and everything,” Porter said. “I started to know people that were there and it just seemed like I would be more comfortable going there and the right decision for me.”

Porter is the latest Breck player to take the diamond for Concordia. The most recent one before him, Jack Hiedeman, was Porter’s coach during American Legion Baseball the past few years.

“During summer I would ask Jack what he thought of Concordia and he obviously said he liked it because he played there a lot and played outfield for them,” Porter said. “I really didn’t hear anything bad about it. He never said anything bad about the program or anything so that kind of helped me out, too.”

Porter will major in computer science in Moorhead. He’ll pitch and possibly continue to play outfield. His family is excited to still have him less than an hour away from Breck.

“They seem pretty pumped about it because it’s not very far from home but you still get to be by yourself,” Porter said.

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