Q & A: Margaret Wilson

Breckenridge volleyball coach Margaret Wilson is having the most memorable season as a head coach in her career. 

Occupation: Middle School Math Teacher, Breckenridge Volleyball Head Coach
Hometown: Breckenridge, MN
Family: Russ & Bev Wilson (Dad and Mom - Dad is Breckenridge Mayor), 4 Siblings who live elsewhere.
Hobbies: Sports - Coaching Volleyball, Softball; Playing Volleyball (Adult Coed), Softball (Women's and Coed)
Reading, Baking, Spending time with Family
What made you get into coaching and how did your career start?
In high school, I helped coach the elementary (3rd-6th grade) volleyball season every spring and when I was a senior, I coached my younger sister's club volleyball team. Throughout my college career, I was able to coach various club volleyball teams and was one of the assistant coaches at Valley City High School during my senior year. I specifically choose to go to college so I could earn my degree and still play sports competitively. When it was time to find a teaching position, one of my first questions was if there were any volleyball or softball coaching positions open as well. You could say I went into teaching for the coaching. Sports are a passion of mine and I couldn't imagine not being a part of them in some way. I'm very grateful for all the coaching opportunities I've had. 
What is one coaching point that you emphasize to your players throughout your coaching career?
The more years I've coached, the more I realize how important the mental game is, sometimes even more so than the physical game. These past two seasons, I've focused a lot more on a player's mental focus, thoughts, self-talk, etc. It's so important that players realize that they need to train their minds as much as their bodies in sports. To compete at a high level, we need to be as mentally prepared as we are physically. 
What has been your favorite memory throughout both your coaching and playing career so far?

I'm very blessed to be able to teach and coach in the high school I graduated from. My favorite memory in my playing career was when we beat Barnesville in 5 sets in the section playoffs. I'll never forget how it felt to win that match and celebrate with the team and all our fans that traveled to Barnesville for that match! 

I have many wonderful memories coaching volleyball and softball from my previous school in Hankinson, ND. I had the privilege to be an assistant coach for four years for one of the most knowledgeable coaches, Tera Paulson. We took an undefeated team to state in 2014 and the memories you make at a state tournament are something I wish every athlete and coach could experience.  

Here at Breckenridge, I'm blessed to coach with two of my former coaches, Alicia Finkral and Missy Johnson, and one of my former teammates, Briana Dauer. I truly believe we have the best coaching staff in the state. The commitment and dedication of my fellow coaches have led to some of my favorite coaching memories. In 2016, we beat Hawley for the first time in years; in 2019 we beat DGF for the first time since 1997; and this season, we've taken down all our top rivals in our HOL conference. This has definitely been a season I'll never forget!  

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