Easton Erbes

Easton Erbes, right, recently started a posititon as North Dakota State College of Science Athletic Department’s office manager. Erbes is a former three-sport standout from Breckenridge who played football at University of North Dakota.

DN: When did you start your new job?

EE: I started in the end of January and so far it’s been really good. There’s been a bit of a learning curve as far as learning the business side of things. I didn’t really go to school for that. I went for kinesiology, but I’m really enjoying it. There’s a lot of great people on the campus, in my department and across campus. Everybody’s really easy to work with and really friendly, so it’s been great.

DN: What was the interview process like?

EE: I interviewed with Stu (Engen) and there was three other people there as well. It was a little intimidating. I was pretty much shaking the whole time. My mom helped me prepare for it a little bit though because she’s also an employee here and she gave me a lot of good advice that made me a lot more comfortable going into it.

DN: Did your mom introduce you to the job?

EE: She did, yeah. She sent me an email showing me the vacancy. She seemed to think that I maybe wouldn’t want to do it, but she thought it would be a good job. When I saw the description and everything I thought, “That sounds awesome.” I jumped all over it.

DN: Is it pretty cool to be working with sports after they were such a large part of your life?

EE: Absolutely. That’s kind of what I’ve always wanted to do is work with athletics and that’s why I went for kinesiology, but just working with it in a different manner now.

DN: What’s your average work day like?

EE: There’s not really a usual work day around there I guess. It’s pretty different everyday, but it’s mostly making sure we’re ready to go for any sporting events as far as money for admissions and concessions and things like that. Paying the bills that come in and that’s mostly it.

DN: That includes high school events as well?

EE: We’ll get some rentals for our facilities and we’ll have to help out with the high school events as well. We were supposed to have Just for Kix this upcoming weekend, but that got canceled due to the coronavirus.

DN: What’s been your favorite part of the job so far?

EE: I guess just working with the people in the athletic department and getting to know them. They’re solid people all around there and that’s been a lot of fun. Being at the sporting events and being involved has been great, too.

DN: You being a former college athlete, what’s it like building relationships with other college athletes here?

EE: I haven’t talked to a whole lot of the athletes yet, but here and there. The girls basketball players have helped me out at a couple of events so getting to know them is fun.

DN: How nice is it to be back in your hometown after multiple years in Grand Forks?

EE: That was one of the biggest things about why I was excited about getting this job. Just being back in Breckenridge and I’m excited for all my friends to move back here this summer once they’re done with college and be back with the boys. It’s also nice being back close to family, too.

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