Josh Darwin

After finishing his Wahpeton High School career with a state championship in high jump, Josh Darwin moved on to compete for North Dakota State’s track team.

DN: How’s the college track experience been going so far at NDSU?

JD: It’s been very good actually. I was really disappointed that everything had to end so quickly. All of us freshmen were really enjoying it and having a good time. We were literally just saying before break that we didn’t want freshman year to end because we’ve been enjoying it so much and then this happens. It’s kind of unfortunate, but we all really enjoyed it. We’ve had a lot of good experiences, met a lot of people, traveled a lot even though we’re having to miss half the season now. We still got to travel to Nashville and Nebraska. I definitely made the right decision coming there.

DN: Were you still in the indoor season when everything was cut short?

JD: The indoor season just ended. Some of the throwers were at nationals and they had to call it off and they didn’t get to throw. The indoor season’s a little shorter so it’s not as many meets. Most of the traveling is in the outdoor season, but we still got to go to some good meets and see some good competition.

DN: Along with high jump, what events are you doing?

JD: I’ve been doing triple jump right now. I might do long jump in the future, but just triple jump right now along with high jump.

DN: How’s triple jump going after not doing it a lot in high school?

JD: In high school I did it in my last two or three meets and I qualified for state actually, but I had no form really. This year I’m learning correct form and how to do all the stuff. I’m still learning how to do the form correctly so it will take a while until I start jumping good.

DN: What would you say has been the biggest difference from high school and college track?

JD: Obviously for college, the season is from December until May or June-ish. In high school it’s only March and April to May. It’s a longer season, plus it’s different from high school because I did football, basketball and track. I was flipping back and forth and now I’m focused on just track. I lift a lot more than I did in high school because we lifted individually for each sport and with track we lift two days a week all year around pretty much. It’s also a lot more technical. We work on small things and work to get it perfect.

DN: How often do you have workouts throughout the week?

JD: We have practice everyday. We get Saturdays off usually or Sundays. Once a week we have recovery day which is just biking or a little circuit. Four days a week we’re going hard and doing workouts. It’s just getting shape and stronger and stuff and as we get into the season it gets more technical. We still do workouts to stay in shape and get stronger.

DN: How has the coronavirus pandemic affected your schooling?

JD: Before all of this stuff happened, almost all of my classes were already online. I only had one in class because we would’ve been traveling a lot in the spring. This doesn’t affect me a whole lot, but obviously I won’t have the same tools. At the SHAC we have tutors and stuff and now I’m at home. It doesn’t really affect me too much for school.

DN: Have you been forced to do your workouts at home?

JD: Last week we got a bunch of friends together and played some pick-up games just to get some running and I’ve been lifting a bit, but now all of that’s closed so I’ve been doing little circuits and stuff at home. It’s kind of challenging, but hopefully once everything opens up again I’ll be able to lift and do everything normal.

DN: Outside of athletics, how is everything going in your first year of college?

JD: It’s been really great actually. I’ve met lots of new friends and stuff and the classes are going well. I’m in a club up there that’s an investment club called “The Bison Fund,” so that keeps me busy. I’m always busy doing stuff, but I really enjoy it. I like my classes, I like track and I like the people so there’s nothing to complain about. I like it a lot.

DN: What’s your major?

JD: Finance and I have an economics minor.

DN: Anything else you’d like to add for the readers in the hometown?

JD: If anyone’s thinking about going to NDSU, it’s definitely the right choice. Most people love it there and it’s just really fun. And go Bison.

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