Kate Carlson

Kate Carlson led North Dakota State College of Science in points and rebounds on her way to a spot on the MonDak All-Conference Team.

DN: What made you initially choose NDSCS?

KC: I knew I wanted to continue playing basketball after high school and after talking to them and visiting the school, I knew I wanted to go there. I knew they were a really successful program and that I had the opportunity to do big things at this school.

DN: After falling short of the national tournament last season, did that fuel your team heading into this season?

KC: Yeah, so for our sophomore class this year, us falling short last season really motivated all of us to want to give it our all. Offseason workouts, lifting over the summer, preseason and all of that really gave us the drive to want to push not only ourselves, but our incoming freshmen to where we want to be.

DN: What was the biggest difference between your freshman and sophomore seasons?

KC: Personally, the difference for me was a role change. As a freshman I was kind of just a role player on the team and having to go into my sophomore year, the leadership change was a big thing. Team-wise, I would say that the difference was we played as a collective unit. We all came together and we all knew what we wanted, which was to win. We were all willing to do whatever it took to win as a team together.

DN: After coming off the bench most of this season, did you take pride in that sixth man role?

KC: At first it was definitely something to think about, but I loved it. To me regardless, starting or not, I was going to do the same thing every game. I knew that whatever role I had to play for the team was the most important, because at the end of the day I was going to be on the court either way. Whatever helped us the best was what I wanted to do.

DN: What’s your relationship with fellow sophomore center Nikki Metcalfe like?

KC: Nikki and I have always loved working together. We don’t have a lot of posts in our program so her and I have always been on the same page. We knew that we had a chance at NDSCS to be successful posts here, so we were always working together and pushing each other. We kind of had each other’s back throughout everything, being post players we could always relate to each other. We could always push each other and do everything together. It was nice to have that.

DN: Could you describe the experience of making it to the NJCAA National Tournament but then having it canceled?

KC: It was pretty heartbreaking. We worked so hard as a team and pushed ourselves in everything because we knew our end goal was to make it to the national tournament. That moment of winning that game and knowing we were going to nationals, it felt unreal and it was awesome. It was probably one of the most exciting things that’s happened to me. In that moment we were not thinking it was going to be canceled or anything along those lines. When we found out, it was crushing. No one knew what to say. It just felt unfair working so hard to get to that point and not have the opportunity to live out what we’ve worked so hard for.

DN: Do you know what your plan is for next season?

KC: I plan on continuing my basketball career, I just have not made the decision where yet.

DN: How difficult is it going to be to bid farewell to your Wildcat teammates and coaches?

KC: It’s going to be really hard. The family that we’ve built at NDSCS is something that I’ll never forget and that we never want to give up. We all love each other so much and these last two years have been such a ride and something that I appreciate so much. I’ve loved all the coaches we’ve had and everything’s like a family to me, so it’s going to be really hard saying goodbye.

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