Kayley Ceroll

Kayley Ceroll is a senior setter for Breckenridge and was recently crowned homecoming queen.

DN: Now in your final season of high school volleyball, how has your role changed as a senior?

KC: This year I feel like I’ve really had to step up my leadership role. I know the younger players really look up to us seniors and I just wanted to set a good example for them and be a role model.

DN: Was Senior Night a pretty emotional experience?

KC: Senior Night was a very emotional night. All of us seniors read the note on the back of the program before the game and that was a bad idea because we all started crying. It was definitely a night I will never forget.

DN: Most teams have one or two setters that they use consistently, but your team rotates you and two others. What’s it like having two other quality setters on the roster?

KC: Having three full-time setters makes for a lot of competing at practice. We are always pushing ourselves because we all want to play in our next game. Sometimes it can be frustrating, but we are always there for each other.

DN: What are you guys looking to improve on moving into the postseason?

KC: We really want to improve on our offense and scoring when we serve.

DN: Were you surprised when you were crowned homecoming queen?

KC: I was very surprised when I was crowned homecoming queen.

DN: What was the most exciting part about homecoming?

KC: The most exciting part about homecoming was definitely all the dress-up days and activities. I loved how everyone went all out for the dress-up days. It was also fun to wear a tiara all week.

DN: What are your plans for next year?

KC: I plan on attending college for something in the health career plan.

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