Robert 'Bobby' Thompson set the bar at Breck

Left, Robert Thompson played college football at the University of Minnesota after graduating from Breckenridge High School. Right, he won a long jump state title 75 years ago that remains untouched on the BHS record board.

If you look back in the old Gazette Telegram from 1946-48, you will find Robert “Bobby” Thompson a BIG part of Breckenridge Cowboys football, going three years undefeated. I was in junior high school at the time and got to see him perform at a high level in all sports. A mention of his passing will bring back memories of him to those still living. 

Robert “Bobby” Thompson, 93, a member of the 1948 Breckenridge High School graduating class recently passed away. He was known as probably the greatest athlete to come out of Breckenridge High School. He excelled at all sports and played for the Minnesota Gophers for three years before finishing up at Moorhead State to get his teaching degree.