Turner Blaufuss

The first batch of athletes Turner Blaufuss covered from fall all the way to summer, the Daily News Sports Editor made sure to get a quick photo with the group of Wahpeton players after the 2016 North Dakota State Championship. From left are Braeden Miller, Tyler Breuer, Blaufuss, Reed Albrecht, Nate Beyer and Patrick Kussatz.

My working relationship with the Daily News began when I was a sophomore in high school. I was already thinking about what I wanted to do for a career and the only thing I knew was I didn’t want to go into farming like the rest of my family.

My English classes were essentially the only areas I excelled in academically. A friend of mine knew I enjoyed writing and sports, so guess what she suggested I go into. Scott Sorum, the Daily News’ sports editor at the time, was taking photos for our annual football cards. After chatting with him for a bit, he told me he’d love to have me as an intern.

Sorum took me under his wing, but a new job came up for him in the radio business. Eric Grover was his replacement and he was my mentor the rest of my high school tenure and even when I was in college, too. Fast forward to now and Grover will be alongside me as a groomsman in my wedding.

When Grover moved back to his home state for a new job, I stepped into the position. I still needed to finish up my degree and I chose to split my last year at Minnesota State University Moorhead into two years of part-time schooling. I was outrageously busy all the time, but still managed to earn my degree in 2017. I continued the job full time for three more years, but now I’m moving on to the next chapter in my life.

After thinking it over and discussing it with my fiancee’, I decided to accept a job at KBMW. I’ll be doing a variety of work for the station while also assisting Scott Nulph with sports coverage. I’m overjoyed to be taking on a new challenge while still covering the teams in our area.

When I accepted this job at the newspaper, I actually didn’t plan on sticking around here. I was hoping to get a couple years of work experience and then move to a larger newspaper or work for an online publication while living in a larger area. Covering all of these games in the Twin Towns made me remember what I loved so much about this area when I grew up here. I’m incredibly grateful I can continue to work in sports while still living in my hometown where I can start a family of my own.

It’s obviously a bittersweet time. This was my first real-world job and it was for a company I’ve been involved with for the last 10 years. I’ll miss all of my coworkers and their support as I move on to this next endeavor has meant a lot to me.

My fellow newsroom employees will always hold a special place in my heart. The newsroom is basically my second home and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact I won’t be seeing the other reporters on a daily basis.

I’ve made so many memories following the teams around here. I got to cover Wahpeton Post 20’s state championship run my first year, multiple individual state champs like Josh Darwin in track and Justin Nelson in golf and I was on the sidelines for multiple championships won by North Dakota State. There’s never a boring day when we’re in a sports season.

Being able to write about these incredible athletes is something I’ll miss, but not getting to be around the kids as much is what really hurts. These athletes keep me young when we joke around together and they’re incredibly respectful. Getting to know the athletes, their parents and the coaches is the best part of the gig. I’m glad I’ll still get to watch the kids thrive in their athletic careers, but I’ll just be further up in the bleachers or in a press box.

I’d like to thank everyone in the community for their support throughout my career at the newspaper. Your feedback and kind words since I was in high school have meant more than you will ever know.

Please continue to support local journalism whether print or on the air. They’re an essential piece to any community and the area is better when its citizens are informed. I’ll still be around, just one building over.

To bid Blaufuss farewell, contact him turnerblaufuss5@gmail.com.

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