How unbelievably stupid is it that Breckenridge High School is not playing games for football and volleyball until March. They'll be starting workouts for their season on Monday, Sept. 14. This isn't the school's fault because Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) decided that they would postpone the fall sports season to spring. They also are increasing Minnesota State High School Football League memberships by 300 percent. So basically what they're saying is that since the league suffered from the coronavirus pandemic, other families who went through their own hardships and devastation get penalized for this.

The Minnesota State High School League is just flat out wrong for doing this to players' families for basically saying that you can't play football games until after the election and not giving them any opportunity to workout or train during the summer incase there's a reversal in decision, which there could be.

Some of the states that have already canceled football until the spring may retract that decision and could have them start sooner, including Minnesota. They were one of 17 states that moved their football seasons to the spring. While case rates have lowered since the start of the pandemic and many states like North Dakota are going on as scheduled, state governors with political agendas are pretty much deciding if there is going to be played football in that state.

There are more Republican governors that decided to play fall sports than there are Democrat governors, there are also more Democrat governors who decided to postpone the fall football season than there are Republican governors. There was one Republican-governed state that decided to postpone football until the spring and that was Massachusetts.

If I'm any parent of a child playing Breckenridge sports in high school, I would be furious about the whole situation the MSHSL has put themselves into with high school and college sports. It would make me sick to my stomach if I had to tell my child that they're not allowed to play sports until 2021, but Wahpeton High School, 10 minutes away and three miles west, is allowed to play sports with no restrictions or no modifications.

It's also brutal to see there are other sports like cross country and swimming which are co-op. Its a disgrace that some of these states are revisiting their decision to play football after convincing themselves that other states will "fall in line" and postpone fall sports like they did.

It's embarrassing and disgraceful and the people I feel bad for the most are the players. They didn't ask for this chaos. They could have transferred to Wahpeton to continue their high school athletic career. It doesn't make any sense why the MSHSL decided to retract their decision to not play fall sports. If they end up playing fall sports later this fall, the decision will be looked at as one of the biggest atrocities Minnesota sports history, and don't get me started with college football and the Big Ten situation. This could end very badly. 

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