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Colton Rasanen-Fryar

Wilkin County Reporter


I am a reporter, photographer and page designer working on everything from arts and education to public meetings and crime. After trading evergreens for sugar beets, I hope to produce meaningful content for those throughout my coverage area. Always feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns or story ideas. 

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As citizens, each of us have the inalienable right to keep up with our government’s activity; whether that’s the local city council or action …

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A new showcase has graced the walls of the Red Door Art Gallery, Tuesday, Jan, 31. Art demonstrating love and companionship can be seen throug…

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Walking into the gallery folks are subject to a fresh, tidy display, demonstrating artists’ interpretations of love and their animal friends. …

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Laura Von Bank has created another linocut masterpiece for the gallery, titled ‘Devotion.’ The stark outlines of two doves in love above a tie…

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Three portraits by House align the eastern gallery wall, all gorgeously depicting the capabilities of oil and charcoal to craft realistic port…

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A bundle of paper irises sit below John House’s oil painting ‘Springer Spaniel.’ The portrait effortlessly captures the beauty of the beast in…

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